Our extensive experience working with B2B clients in the technology, digital and software industries has borne witness to the changes ushered in by this digital Information Age. The massive increase in data production and consumption, plus the rapid adoption of technology has affected nearly every aspect of life. Especially the way we buy. Relevant, targeted content is being consumed as quickly as it’s created, as customers digest large amounts of research before making a purchasing decision.

So it’s no secret that the way that companies sell today has also undergone a radical transformation. What used to involve a company pushing product or solution promotions to the masses has evolved into a collaborative conversation with consumers that focuses on sharing content, active listening and diligent brand building. Calls and digital contact points begin at ‘warm’.

We are in this business because we feel that there is an overload of data, content and solutions in the market. But not enough real value in the B2B space.

At LEADynamix, we believe that there’s a better, smarter way to help businesses find their best prospects and then to engage in conversations with them. We have a team of experienced digital technology & sales pros who have been helping companies transform the way they acquire, nurture and convert leads since 2011.

Our clients value our consultative approach to their business and the results that we deliver for them, consistently and promptly. We proudly offer individual, customized lead generation solutions that are delivered with exceptional customer service.

Here’s what our clients have to say about the work that we do.



  Over 50% of the companies surveyed replaced their CMO in the last 24 months.

Source: IDC Study 2014

Just 56% of B2B organizations verify valid business leads before they are passed on to Sales .

Source: Marketing Sherpa

43% of sales reps feel they do not have the right information before making a sales call.

Source: Lattice Engines/CSO Insights

Today’s Sales & Marketing VPs are under intense pressure to maximize their ROI with campaigns that consistently outperform company expectations. And without a robust, campaign-ready marketing list, successful outreach just isn’t possible. Instead of wasting your budget on millions of ineffectual contacts and lists that your team will have to then verify and correct, consider our approach. LEADynamix specializes in creating custom contact lists that are designed to consistently deliver your target. Our team will work with you to develop your Optimal Prospect list, based on well-defined custom parameters that you determine. Clients enjoy our breadth of data intelligence which allows us to customize each list by any number of factors including by geography, technology, vertical markets, horizontals, revenue size, employee strength and on and on. Clients trust us to establish a database of scrubbed, accurate records and then grow it exponentially.We work to maximize the number of leads generated, open rates and conversion rates for every campaign that you run by ensuring you are reaching relevant contacts within companies that are targeted and strategically aligned with or correlated to past successes. How LEADynamix Marketing Services is different: We use a combination of in-house repository, proprietary tools, market research compiled from multiple resource platforms and our partner network to build bespoke lists with the option of phone verification or (with optional phone verification), for the highest level of accuracy.  
Marketing Lists & Custom Builds
Each list is 100% customized based on each client’s individual needs and highly defined sales objectives.

Contact Discovery –Identification based on job role, NOT just by title.

Each contact includes a verified email address plus comprehensive company info(industry, revenue, company size, url and more).

Backed by our 100% Accuracy Warranty.

We deliver unique net contacts by working off of suppression lists.

No minimum thresholds & Quick Turn Around for custom lists.

UNLIMITED use of this list is included.

Data is formatted for easy upload to your CRM/SFA.

Marketing List Cleansing &Enrichment Services
  LEADynamix can provide one-time or ongoing maintenance for your marketing database, to ensure accurate house list information. We can also help you develop a program to enrich your database with key account level data or new, high-quality contacts.

Marketing List Cleansing: Data Validation &Appends–

Validates existing contacts in your customer and prospect database, ensuring that each contact is active and accurate. Inactive contacts are further researched to identify the equivalent existing account contact.

List Cleansing & Append Process: 

Our comprehensive three step Data Cleansing Process assures that your data has been systematically standardized and cleansed. Each of these steps could be implemented individually, depending on the specific needs of your data.

Data Standardization & Deduplication

Organizes and ensures that you do not waste money on duplicate data.

Data Verification

Verifies contacts, email IDs and other data points.

Appending & New Contact Discovery

Replace invalid records with relevant contacts and valid email IDs. Populate existing lists with missing Firmographic data such as industry, revenue, company size, url, etc.

Data Enrichment

New Contact Discovery – Add additional role-based contacts to your existing accounts for broader outreach.

Target Account Profiling –Analyze proprietary competitive intel in order to identify the “low-hanging fruit”as defined by specific parameters such as: current IT      landscape, satisfaction level with existing vendors, willingness to evaluate new vendors, etc. Simply provide us with a list of questions that you’d like your prospect to      respond to.Then we will deliver actionable data results so you can tailor your product or service offerings pitch & positioning precisely.


70 % of a complex B2B purchase decision is ‘already complete by the time prospects interact with a sales representative’.
Source: Forrester research

93% of CMO’s said they are under more pressure to deliver measurable ROI but their organization lacks the ability to deliver those results.
Source: CMO Digital Benchmark Study

When facing a more complicated B2B purchase decision, today’s savvy customers spend a significant amount of time researching content that will lead them through their evaluation process. So if your company’s sales and marketing content isn’t reaching the right prospects during this critical pre-sales window, chances are they won’t ever make it to your sales team. And that’s where the lead generation experience at LEADynamix makes a difference.

If you’re a Marketing Head or Campaign Manager, we know what you worry about.

Do we have targeted, high-quality leads with genuine interest?

Will my campaign generate enough leads to fulfil the quota? Feels like I’m already maxing out every channel possible: web, email, telemarketing, inbound, etc.

We’ve got your back.

LEADynamix will deliver engaging corporate content to the specific technology and business influencers that comprise your optimal target market. Our quality prospect list spans across geographies & verticals to small, medium and large scale enterprises.

Our lead generation team uses a proven telemarketing model and email marketing campaigns to guarantee a minimum number of quality leads for your whitepaper.

Leveraging virtual networks & tech sites to promote content still doesn’t ensure that your audience is highly targeted and clearly interested in your content—not just doing research. Using our approach, we first identify valid contacts and companies according to specific campaign requirements and then reach out to them with relevant content.

Quality leads validated with campaign filters, custom specs & qualifying questions, not      students or researchers.

Guaranteed Output: We guarantee a minimum number of leads per project.

Customized, scalable campaign development & execution to ensure timelines are met.

Performance based – Pay only for qualified leads.

Phone and email follow-up contact for higher event attendance and recall.

CRM integration for easy uploads.

Copywriting and graphic design support available.

White Paper Promotion

Event Promotions

Content Creation

No time to produce your white paper or sales content? No problem. For a small fee, our creative team can develop sales materials that will engage prospects in your brand.

Articles/Vertical Sheets (targeted to a particular vertical)

White Papers/Case Studies




Live webinar registrations

Web cast registrations


43% of sales reps feel they do not have the right information before making a sales call.
Source: Lattice Engines/CSO Insights

More than a quarter of all B2B sales cycles take seven months or more to close.
Source: Harvard University and Gallup

50% of Sales time is wasted on unproductive prospecting.
Source: B2B lead

If your sales department is still cold calling the old-fashioned way, it’s time to rethink it. Stop wasting valuable time dialing through lists of random names when you could be focusing on confirmed face-to-face or telephone appointments with prospects who are interested in your company. The LEADynamix Appointment Setting service goes well beyond merely calling a list of contacts. Think of it us an extension of your Sales Team.

Our Sales Appointment team represents highly trained telemarketers with experience in your industry and a savvy knowledge of your products and services. LEADynamix Appointment Setting team relies on our proprietary telemarketing techniques, insightful probing and selling abilities to introduce your brand offering to a quality prospect.

How LEADynamix Sales Appointment Setting is different?

First, we’ll assign a dedicated Account Manager who will direct the project until its completion. We can customize our Appointment Setting Service approach to your preferred criteria. We can use your existing B2B contact list or we can create a fully customized list from scratch through our Contact Discovery service.

Qualified sales leads from the current global prospects contact list

Guaranteed pay for performance pricing model OR Long term FTE engagements.

Output & timelines defined per your needs.

Experienced team with a blend of sales skills & technology know how.

CRM Integration & Real time reporting. Integrate leads to your CRM systems for your field sales team per assigned territories.


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